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Unkindead's Medals


Total Medals Earned: 10 (From 2 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 55 Points


Medals Earned: 1/45 (5/1,440 points)

Shelter 5 Points

Build the Hut.

Apples 5 Points

Add an Orchard to the Farm.

Building My Way 5 Points

Build a structure with a Blueprint.

Heavy Lifter 5 Points

Get the Backpack.

Infinite Space 5 Points

Build the Storehouse.

Instant Meat 5 Points

Defeat a Boar.

Metallurgy 5 Points

Build the Smelter.

Sharecropping 5 Points

Build the Farm.

A Good Trade 10 Points

Build the Market.

Bon Appetit 10 Points

Build the Kitchen.

Crafting Time 10 Points

Build the Workshop.

Power Up 10 Points

Build the Power Plant.

Wyrmslayer 10 Points

Defeat a Wyrm.

Charging Up 25 Points

Catch an Electric Eel.

Distant Shores 25 Points

Build the Dock.

Experiments 25 Points

Build the Laboratory.

Forging Ahead 25 Points

Activate the Forge.

Get Wyrm 25 Points

Now what do I do with it?

Going Up? 25 Points

Build the Elevator.

Heavier Lifter 25 Points

Buy a Super Pack.

Industrialize 25 Points

Build the Factory.

Infinite Blood 25 Points

Build the Wyrm Pen.

Milking Pigs 25 Points

Add a Pen to the Farm.

Mmm, Cheese 25 Points

Cook a Pizza.

Rockslayer 25 Points

Defeat a Golem.

Shiny 25 Points

Mine a Diamond.

Shocking 25 Points

Defeat a Diode Wolf.

Synthetic Steak 25 Points

Activate the Synthesizer.

The Full Story 25 Points

Read all the Logs.

Whomp 25 Points

Chop down a Purple Tree.

Cyborgification 50 Points

Install a full set of Cyborg gear.

Dragon Master 50 Points

Obtain a full set of dragon equipment.

Dragon Tamer 50 Points

Fly on a Dragon.

Elementary 50 Points

Capture a spirit of every element.

Hatchling 50 Points

Hatch a Dragon from a Cocoon.

Justice 50 Points

Solve the Bandit problem.

Powering Up 50 Points

Upgrade your character with 500 or more Skill Points.

Queenslayer 50 Points

Defeat the Wyrm Queen.

Setting Sail 50 Points

Build a Boat.

Face the Enemy 100 Points

Defeat the Old One.

Human Testing 100 Points

Successfully Confront the Mirrows.

Statue Smasher 100 Points

Defeat the Golemech.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Pewt 'em Up!

Medals Earned: 9/50 (50/500 points)

Pew! 5 Points

Destory 100 asteroids.

Pew, Pew! 5 Points

Destory 1000 asteroids.

Brzzt!! 5 Points

Destroy 10 enemy drones.

Collateral damage 5 Points

Destroy 100 enemy drones.

Out of my way! 5 Points

Destroy 10 enemy ships.

Bumper cars 5 Points

Destroy a bumper ship.

Oooh, shiny! 5 Points

Collect 1000 credits.

Didn't see you there 5 Points

Destroy 10 asteroids or enemy ships by ramming them.

There is no spoon! 10 Points

Clear a stage without being hit once.

Pew, Pew, Pew! 10 Points

Destroy 10000 asteroids.

Filling the junkyard 10 Points

Destroy 1000 enemy drones.

I'm just getting started! 5 Points

Destroy 100 enemy ships.

You and what army? 10 Points

Destroy 500 enemy ships.

It's huge! 5 Points

Destroy a battleship without the Silver Wing.

Epic split 5 Points

Destroy a divider ship.

Enemy Mine 5 Points

Defeat Varik Gorr.

Glittering prizes! 5 Points

Collect 10000 credits.

In need of a Money Bin? 5 Points

Collect 50000 credits.

Battering ram 5 Points

Destroy 100 asteroids or enemy ships by ramming them.

Wrecking ball 10 Points

Destroy 250 asteroids or enemy ships by ramming them.

Rookie 5 Points

Beat the game in Rookie or Cadet Mode.

Cadet 10 Points

Beat the game in Cadet Mode.

Ace Pilot 50 Points

Beat the game in Ace Mode.

Make it go PEW PEW PEW! 5 Points

Buy all Weapon upgrades in the shop.

Locked and loaded and already reloaded 5 Points

Buy all Reloader upgrades in the shop.

Try to get through this! 5 Points

Buy all Armor upgrades in the shop.

I'll be your shield! 5 Points

Buy all Shield upgrades in the shop.

It can last for days! 5 Points

Buy all Recharger upgrades in the shop.

Catch me if you can! 5 Points

Buy all Ship Parts upgrades in the shop.

Full Inventory 5 Points

Buy all Items in the shop.

Maximum strength, armor and speed! 5 Points

Buy all available upgrades in the shop.

M... mommy? 5 Points

Hatch the egg.

They grow so fast! 5 Points

Level up Egg-kun.

Push the button 5 Points

Use the bomb for the first time.

Why is there a button for this? 5 Points

Self-destruct your ship by using the bomb.

Pacifist 10 Points

Clear a stage without shooting once.

Who made this? 5 Points

Watch the credits until the end.

Part of the team 5 Points

Watch the post-credit scene.

Can't get enough! 10 Points

Beat stage mode twice.

Incoming! 5 Points

Unlock the Valkyrie Type MA.

The Josun One 5 Points

Unlock the Silver Wing.

Upgrade! 5 Points

Collect your first quartz fragment.

Make a captain out of you! 5 Points

Collect 1000 quartz fragments.

Nerf this! 5 Points

Collect 5000 quartz fragments.

It's over 9000! 5 Points

Achieve a score of at least 9001 in endless mode.

Can't stop me! 10 Points

Achieve a score of at least 100k in endless mode.

I'm getting used to this 25 Points

Achieve a score of at least 250k in endless mode.

This is my life now 50 Points

Achieve a score of at least 1M in endless mode.

The Sacred Code 5 Points

Enter the sacred code in the main menu.

Per aspera ad astra 100 Points

Unlock all achievements.